VFW's Priority Goals:


-Disability Assistance and Memorial Affairs

-Education, Employment and Transition Assistance

-Health Care

-Military Quality of Life

-National Security, Foreign Affairs and POW/MIA


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The Legislative year will continue to present opportunities and challenges for all veteran’s organizations. One of the most effective ways you can participate in our democratic system is to write to your public officials. It is important that the Legislators in our District and our Texas Congressional Delegation in Washington hear from you regarding legislative issues affecting veterans.
The VFW is non-political and non-partisan, but we must continue  to have vigorous Legislative communications at all levels. We must keep our Local, State and National Legislators informed as to the desired legislative goals of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. YOU, the individual member in your own Home District, will continue to be the most important part in a successful Legislative Campaign.
This is how you make our Legislative and Priorities Goals count!

3. VOTE!

Contact Information for Senators and Congressman are listed below

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R)                    Website: Click Here!
U.S. Senator John Cornyn (R)             Website: Click Here!
U.S. Congressman Roger Williams (R) TX 25th Congressional District      Website: Click Here!

TX Senator Brian Birdwell (R) TX District 22                                                   Website: Click Here!
TX Representative Shelby Slawson (R) TX House District 59                       Website: Click Here!

TX State Board of Education Ms. Patrica Hardy (R) District 11                      Website: Click Here!


Legislative Victories
The VFW played an instrumental role in virtually every significant piece of veterans’ legislation passed in the

20th century, as well as bills enacted in the 21st century. To see list Click Here!


Veterans Legislation & Benefits News

From Texas District 21 Legislative Chairman Hal Cleveland. To read news Click Here!